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I’m Lucheyla Celestino and I am a junior at Milton Academy. I have lived in Lynn, Massachusetts all of my life and I currently live on campus as a boarder. My parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic so I am very involved in my culture. I always visit my family and have consistently thought about the differences between the United States and the Dominican Republic. I really enjoy engaging with people from the island because they give me a different perspective about a place and a culture that I think I understand already. However, I’ve always wanted to engage with a culture other than my own in another country, and Jordan is such a great opportunity for that.

I’m a bit nervous about the language barrier but I am prepared to be uncomfortable. My own parents have shown me what it is like to struggle in a country that wasn’t their own, so I hope to keep an open mind and try to understand a Jordanian’s experience to the best of my ability. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learn so many new things!