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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


To my family and friends, and alike beings, I am writing to express my journey in Patan thus far.

To bring Patan to life, one must be able to visualize an area with a small town vibe with the busyness of a big city. As you walk past fruit vendors, cafes, and shop owners you must be careful of the cars, motorcycles, bikes, and people wandering though the streets and hidden alley ways. When you walk you are mindful of every step you take and direction you shift, going with the stream of people and not against it.

Some might think it strange to talk about the traffic instead of the vast temples and stupas scattered about (don’t worry I’m getting there) but I feel figuring out the key to commuting from point A to point B is an adventure of it’s own and is a big part of the experience. It’s taken some time, and some getting lost, but I am now able to confidently make my way from home, to program house, to ISP, and back again, plus some other fun stops along the way. It’s a a fun experience to discover your favorite streets, avoid congested areas, or know which way would be faster. Though I’m not fully competent in finding my way completely I’m ecstatic to figure it out.

While on the topic of finding our way, you may find it hard as you wander in and out of the numerous temples that lay in wait as you discover the correct path. Some may be well maintained or slightly falling apart, some may be made from metals, while others stone. It is easy to get lost in the mesmerizing flicker of candles or the ringing of bells, but just as you move with the traffic on the streets you find yourself stepping in tune with the people circling the temple walls.

When visiting Patan some may only be able to see the trash littered about or dust in the air but while living in Patan you’re able to enjoy the beauty that was always there. As I lay in bed the distant sounds of dogs barking and cars honking is slowly starting to become unrecognizable as I settle into life in Patan. Though it’s hard to find the right words to fully immerse your senses I hope you were able to gain a little insight on our daily venture.