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Rich Knowledge Gained from One Course

  1. Chinese Philosophy — Why Are Hundreds of Harvard Students Studying Ancient Chinese Philosophy?Puett’s bold promise: “This course will change your life.”  (pg.3)
    Puett aims to open his students’ eyes to a different way to approach everything from relationships to career decisions. He teaches them that: .. The smallest actions have the most profound ramifications. Confucius, Mencius, and other Chinese philosophers taught that the most mundane actions can have a ripple effect, and Puett urges his students to become more self-aware, to notice how even the most quotidian acts—holding open the door for someone, smiling at the grocery clerk—change the course of the day by affecting how we feel.  (pg. 5)
  2.  This showing, the ancient philosophical ideas of Chines philosophers can connect to every aspect to a person’s life. By students learning and following these ideas, they could then possibly receive a more content life. By looking at even the smallest things, you could see their beauty and importance, thus getting more out of life. And even through learning one course in collage, students can achieve knowledge which will guide their futures for the better.