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Name anything and chances are, you’d have a single perspective on it. That’s how all the people who told me not to come to India see this country, which is normal. We are all guilty of taking a single story as the only truth. However in this world, there will always be an infinite amount of truths, and during my time in India, I hope to uncover the perspectives of those often ignored by the West. I think the world is very comparable to high school. There is always gossip(news), cliques(allies), fights(war), rumors(propaganda), varying socio-economic statuses, and more.

The difference between a traveler and a tourist is that the traveler will leave their preconceived notions at home. Not everything will be like it is where you came from, and that’s something to be excited about. Throughout the next few months, I hope to document the many stories of the small fraction of India I am able to experience. I can’t wait to see how my own perspectives of this new world changes.