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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Student Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Miranda Milunsky, and I am so excited to meet all of you as we begin this wonderful adventure together!

I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, and I love traveling and visiting new places. I am always eager to meet new people with varied backgrounds, learn about them, and immerse myself in different cultures. I have traveled with friends, school groups, and with my family, each lending itself to a different kind of adventure. This trip will be a completely new experience for me as I have never traveled for more than 2 weeks nor have I ever been hiking.

I graduated high school in June 2017, and I still have not finalized my college plans (waiting to hear from some schools). For the first half of my gap year I was very busy volunteering, being a nanny, dancing, teaching dance, and doing college applications. I chose to take this time away from the traditional classroom setting, in order to explore my interests and discover myself outside of being a student.

I volunteered at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, where I was able to expose myself to the health field. During this time I came to realize my appreciation of the body and how it works, creating my aspiration for a career in physical therapy. Additionally, I am a competitive ballroom dancer. I have been dancing for 9 years, and these 3 months to come will be the longest I have ever gone without ballroom dance.

I look forward to being able to delve into the culture in Nepal with you!

See you in a few days,