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The Ceremonies

Here in Varanasi there are so many ceremonies, traditions, and festivities. Thus far we’ve had the opportunity to see many different celebrations and ceremonies. One of the first things we got to do once we arrived here is go to a wedding. The weddings here are just as they are in the movies, huge, extravagant, blowout events that literally block up the streets with dancing and music. People were carrying giant chandeliers on their heads and a band leads the charge playing traditional tunes. All the men were at the front dancing together, laughing, having a wonderful time. Some of the women followed behind talking and smiling, while the rest were preparing the bride at the destination we were marching towards. Overall, the wedding was an experience I won’t soon forget and hope to go to many more before my stay here is over. Another ceremony that occurs fairly regularly is Ganga Aarti which is a prayer on the bank of the Ganges river. Loads of people attend and watch as a man sings in Sanskrit and Hindi different prayers. These are just some of the celebrations and ceremonies that are going on here in the holy city of Varanasi.