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The journey begins!

The adventure has begun!

We started the day with some lovely intro games for the Dragons instructors to get to know the group in Casa.

We then took a 4-hour train to Meknes. Students and teachers were troupers after so much travel! Students engaged with Moroccans on the train, learning some Arabic words, being given Moroccan names, welcomed to Morocco, making friends, seeing the landscape and having it slowly sink in that this journey is finally beginning, after all the prep. We ate dinner in Meknes before walking through town to the grand taxi stand and traveling the way local Moroccans do up to Moulay Idriss. The view of Moulay Idriss on the drive approaching the city is truly breathtaking! The city is tucked into the hills overlooking Volubilis, marking the south western border of the Roman Empire. We were greeted at the hotel by a view of an amazing sunset over the Morocco countryside. Before bed we started some short orientation sessions and held an opening ceremony, centering us in this journey together. Some students got a surge of energy before bed, and there was a sense of excitement despite the exhaustion of travel.


We look forward to orienting ourself to Morocco and exploring Moulay Idriss tomorrow!