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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

The not so mini, mini trek

After being welcomed into Nepal by Dave, Nick and Shante. With beautiful orange leis which are known as Marigold Garlands. Which my host mother calls Saraswati Flowers.

We stayed at the Bhaktapur  Guest House for one week. Where we all got know each other a little better. The food was very delicious . We tried many new kinds of food.  Which gave us some interesting poop on the poop scale.  As our body and minds were getting ready for the three days for the trekking.

As I woke up on Wednesday with a feeling of doom.  I knew that this trek would be an emotional and physical challenge. We stepped onto the bus that winded up many hills. We started at Banepa and would finish at Nargarkot.

On day one, we trekked through a forested area with trees that looked similar to pines. We saw the Himalayan mountains for first time.  On day two we ran into many stairs which challenged and pushed us to our limits. On day three we hike down many more stairs and it was all down hill. In total we trekked a total of forty-one miles.

We have all know grown  from this trekking experiences. We can know understand each other weakness and strengths. It helps us become more understanding of are friends and how we can help them.