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Photo by Sampor Burke, Mekong Semester.

Update from Orientation

Susdei Everyone!

We’ve spent the past three days at the Tropaing Sangke Ecolodge, a community-based ecotourism initiative. The Ecolodge is associated with a mangrove habitat restoration project, and over the past few days, in between setting intentions for our course and learning about each other and our itinerary, we’ve also had the opportunity to learn more about mangroves and the benefits they bring to the local environment and surrounding communities. A few days ago, the leader of the community spoke to us about the ways that mangroves prevent erosion and provide habitats for fish, thereby sustaining a larger fish population. The mangrove habitat restoration project has thus provided opportunities for fishermen to stay in their home communities, continuing to fish and provide for their families. Yesterday afternoon, we took a boat to the mangrove site and all had the opportunity to plant a few mangroves and watch a beautiful sunset!

We are now on our way from Kampot to Kirirom National Park, where we will spend two days hiking and camping among pine Cambodia’s pine forests. After the trek, we’ll head to our first homestay, Kho Sach Tonlea, our in-country instructor Tharvry’s home village.

Everyone is excited for the adventure to continue!


All the best,

Mekong I-team