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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

We need so much

We have just returned from our first trek in the beautiful Lares region of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  Everyone is well, although a bit wet from the rain, and the students enjoyed this first adventure into the Andes mountains!

The Lares Trek in Peru has made me reflect on how many things I need as a human being to do so little for the wellbeing of the world.

Our guide Americo has taught us so much saying almost nothing; he walked in silence appreciating the mountains, rivers, alpacas and birds with a big smile, wearing jeans and t shirt and a simple jacket and small backpack, being one with nature, no complains, not asking for comfort or for a nice tent.

The people in the community of Kunkany have taught me how possible is to live simply, making their houses out of clay (the soil that holds them), walking with their Alpacas all day, working in their potato, quinoa and herbs fields, weaving their cosmovision into the amazing clothes they use full of colors and patterns with deep meanings.

Life is beautiful and simple here, whereas we, the people from the western world, need so much which often pollutes our land and souls, disconnecting our senses from the natural and spiritual world.

I wonder which is the real “undeveloped world?” I wonder who are the civilized communities? The ones who are using so many resources everyday, or the ones who live simply and in deep connection with what is really important in life?