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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

We Were Tricked

Greetings from Nepal!

We were tricked. We were led out into the city of Bhaktapur, given a piece of paper, and our instructors said “see you in 4 hours.” A scavenger hunt! At first we were overwhelmed. Going into Bhaktapur with such limited knowledge of the language, the culture, and the city itself left us questioning where to begin. We decided to let go of the competition and use our time as a way of getting to know the city. During this time, we marveled at temples, sipped homemade chai, practiced speaking Nepali with the locals, and narrowly avoided motorcycles. By the end of the day, the three of us had bonded over our newfound confidence in navigating Bhaktapur. We felt a sense of freedom and independence knowing we could take care of ourselves and work together as a team of girls. From art vendors to snake statues, friendly potters to 1kg of lopsi, we truly enjoyed our day and feel ready to take on the next challenge. Next up, mini trek!

We are safe, healthy, and alive 🙂

Miranda, Garland, and Maya