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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

What just happened?

On our first day in the city, we were cut loose into groups of three to explore the city on a scavenger hunt. The city is amazing and I enjoyed getting to see such a different culture than the one I’m used to. I was honestly pretty nervous at first but I came to appreciate the challenge we were given because it put me out of my comfort zone and made me much more confident in being alone in the city. There is still much to learn and I’m excited for the events to come.



Our instructors had told us in our orientation discussions that there would come a time we would be alone. navigating our way through the city, and to our surprise, the time came faster than we all expected. While the initial reaction was nervousness, our curious minds lead us in the city of Old Bhaktapur and the though of heavily relying on each other suddenly became comfortable,



Do you ever wonder why It is that feet smell, but noses run? Have you ever wondered if, because according to the infinite nature of the human genome, there has been some other humanoid who is genetically identical to you, who has lived a whole life and died afterwards, and has at least one time stepped in the very spot you stand in now? Who am I? How did I get here? What’s happening? Why does it make me feel so many emotions to not be able to pet the street dogs or buy types of fruit that cannot be peeled? Why are emotions? What’s happening? I’m overwhelmed.

-Liza (aka Lyza)