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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Where I am From

I am from a world of unique colors

I originate from a country with ancient pagodas

From a region where peasant women wear conical hats

A place where silk is valued like money


The dishes we eat are exquisite

A place where taste is divine and dry

The smells are strong and hold exotic herbs

The spices are universal themes


This is the birthplace of my home

The waking sounds of a million motorbikes

A feeling of joy and connection when speaking to locals

I am from a place that can only describe Nature’s beauty


Where I am from, I once worshiped the Buddha

The belief and conception of man and world

Today I am from a new world that changed me

I love the sense of being a cosmopolitan woman

I will never forget where I came from,

I am from the countryside of East Vietnam.