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The VMS 2018 China trip was one of the greatest experiences in my life. I think that I learned so much from the trip and I think that my most significant experience on the trip was when the group went dancing in the park. For me, it was first off super fun. The moment was filled with nothing but smiles and laughter. Another reason as to why this moment was so memorable, was because it wasn’t just us, the Americans, that was having an amazing time. The locals there were having just as much fun as I was and I thought that that was awesome, how people were able to just put away their problems to enjoy a bunch of foreigners they’d never seen before and have a great time with it. I think that the most challenging part of the trip for me was getting used to the idea that there are a lot of things I don’t know how to say in Chinese and that there were going to be problems with communicating with people, and I think that was showed the first couple of days of the trip. I didn’t have a strong desire to go up and talk to random people; however, towards the middle and later parts of the trip, I found myself comfortable walking off without a teacher and going up to random people.