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Yak 2/12/18

  1. From when we left the airport to right now has felt like the longest days of my life. To put it in context the jet lag plus the amount of Moroccan culture we have experienced in these past two days has been grand. The town we stayed in for the first two days, Moulay Idriss, was so rich in culture. We wandered around the town, had tea at local cafes, and truly experienced what that small town had to offer. Today we traveled to Azrou which was around a two hour car drive and viewing the Moroccan country side was incredible. Before this trip, my preconceived notion of Morocco was that in it’s entirety, it is a desert. This idea was quickly destroyed  within the first train ride of this trip and the car ride today. The amount of vegetation and green in this country was honestly far greater than I expected and it was a very pleasant surprise. I wish I could explain in greater detail what my experience with the Moroccan people has been like, but our host families just arrived at our hotel! You all will be updated on how well out home stays go. Also for clarification, even though these have been the longest three days of my life, they have also been some of the most eye-opening and awesome days I have had.