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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Yay for the Hims!

After settling into Bhaktapur for week 1 of Orientation, the Hims were calling us to start off our 3 day Mini Trek. Day one of our trek started in Banepa to Nargarkot and was a true testament to how the rest of the trek was going to play out. Day two brought on the same challenges but also presented more as this trek was longer in distance and also fluctuated in terrain from incline to decline. Day 3 required a lot of mental toughness as this was our last day in the mountains. We were all sore, tired, and mentally exhausted, but we all had a little bit of fire underneath us to successfully complete the trek. As a rookie who has never trekked before, I am excited to say that I am as ready as can be for our upcoming 3 week trek. Stay tuned!