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你好!Greetings from Your Instructor

Greetings Travelers!

It was because of Wei Laoshi I first found myself in Beijing studying Mandarin when I was fifteen so it is always special to get to travel with you all! I am currently based in Claremont, California where I study law and politics and take trips often into the San Gabriel and Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley to climb, hike and study geomorphology on the side. As we journey together, I hope to explore the many layers of China’s rich history with you all.

From Sichuan Province to Beijing, we will encounter many different ways of living and constructing relationships with the Earth, spiritual worlds, and to each other. Some things might remind you of home while others will confront you as radically different. We will take time to reflect on what it means to be part of a global community and seek to understand ourselves and where we come from as we explore the new. Hopefully you will discover something unexpected.

We also have the incredible opportunity to share space, meals, and days with generous homestay families on our travels. Homestay families hold a special place in my heart and have helped to shape some of my favorite experiences as a student and instructor. I still meet up with my first homestay sister whenever I am in Beijing.

I look forward to reading your introductions (your goals, hopes, expectations, anxieties, and maybe a little about you too) and getting to know you over the length of our course. Please feel welcome to post questions to our Yak Board so we can be in touch!