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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Cultural Friday #1 Done

Our first Cultural Friday was an anticipated event. Our Spanish group decided on what Bolivian recipe we wanted to try, and found a recipe for Cuñape´s, a type of cheese bread that is native to Santa Cruz. The small rounds of bread are usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee at about 5:00 in the afternoon.

On Thursday we set out to Cochabamba to visit the Cancha, one of the largest markets in Cochabamba, and gather the ingredients for our treat. We had a wonderful time wandering through the market, asking about different types of fruit, and practicing our Spanish.

We spent half of Friday morning preparing and baking our Cuñapes, which turned out very well! Sharing them with our classmates, Spanish teachers, and instructors made me feel proud of our product and wanting to try more Bolivian dishes. We then learned a traditional Bolivian dance, the Tinku, which elicited a lot of laughter sliding around in our socks. Thank you to our Spanish teachers for providing guidance in Spanish class and knowledge about Bolivian culture! I am looking forward to our next Cultural Friday.