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Rice paddy terraces

EPISODE #1: Astrophotography and Tiger Leaping Gorge

TTTWJ&T (Tiny Table Talks with Jack and Tio): Episode 1



Vlogcasters: Jack & Tio

Producer: Kristen

Honored Guests: Unknown in this episode; however, special appreciation goes out to each of them for their enthusiastic hello’s, thank you’s, and happy waves.


A note from the producer: TTTWJ&T (Tiny Table Talks with Jack and Tio) is a “Vlogcast” created by Jack and Tio, not content with the idea of Vlog, Jack and Tio have coined the term vlogcast – a term that will allow them the flexibility to video-blog and voice record when necessary, and to be “taken more seriously.” The charismatic and dynamic duo is aspiring to showcase tiny tables around China and discuss the whereabouts and happenings of the Spring 2018 South of the Clouds WTBD course. Their one-take-only productions are not only a recording of our group’s travel, but also a collection of deep wisdom and knowledge. With rotating segments, “Tio’s Questions of the Week,” and guest speakers, this vlogcast is sure to bring all of you listeners and viewers inspiration, entertainment, and an understanding of our China experience.

Introducing Tio: Tio might have been born with a pair of skis on his feet. His true love for the slopes has got him squealing with joy every time he sees a mountain. All about efficiency, Tio knows how to get a job done. His favorite Chinese food is dumplings; specifically, pork soup dumplings. A fun fact about Tio is that in 2016, he went 77 days without a shower.

Introducing Jack: Boston-raised, Jack is well-known for his well-acquired knowledge. Always eager to learn and lend a hand, Jack is a source of Chinese translations and Chinese idioms. When not creating vlogcasts, Jack might be found purchasing new hats, biking, and reading books. His favorite pair of socks has dinosaurs on them and he calls them his “Wednesday socks” (however, he rarely wears them on Wednesday).

Words from Jack and Tio:

Tio – Hope that you like it <3 wutang is for the children.

Jack – Bingo Bango here’s a mango

Featured Photographs:

“Astrophoto” by Jack and Tio

“Jack and Tio” by Kristen