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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Farewell from Jogja’s homestay

Ibu Siti, Anna Harris host mom:
Anna loves duku (the fruits), We will bring her duku once she comes back to Jogja. So she can bring them to USA. Anna eats the food that we cook at home everyday. She is not a picky eater. She loves to try new things as well.

Ibu Endang, Kate’s host mom:
Kate, Katherine. We are so proud to have you as a part of our family. You already become a nice sister for the kids (Ken & Arka) and become a nice daughter for us. Just couple of weeks, time goes fast. Knock on our door anytime you come to Jogjakarta, you already have a home here. We’ll miss you, miss the sharing moments about our life story, while you’re helping me folding the clothes. You are good and strong girl. We love you.

Lutfi, Matt’s homestay sister:
Yesterday he ate egg plant vegetable dish (oseng jipang). He can eat spicy food, but yesterday mom put too much chili pepper. It was too spicy for him but he kept eating it. That is one thing I love about Matt, he never complains about the food.

Pak Joko & Ibu Win, Anna Hartzell’s host family:
Anna is always cheerful and she is a very kind person. She is very dilligent and clever. Our family has learned a lot from her. And she has been learning from us as well while she is in Jogja with us. Thank you Anna for being a part of our family. We love to have you as our family member. You will always be our “bule”.

Ibu papi, Izzy’s host mom:
Izzy is a cheerful and a little bit spoiled. She loves reading & likes to ask a lot of questions about many things that she has just seen. Like the other day when one of our neighbours passed away. She helped me with dishes, doing my laundry business, something I felt odd because back at her home in the States, I guess she won’t do this kind of job. I felt she respects me as her host mom.

Ibu Lia, Romina’s host mom:
it’s time to pick up dragon students. Our family is very excited waiting for the arrival of dragon students. and here she is ROMINA. She’s from Mexico. Romina is very kind, cheerful and really likes chili. She teaches us spanish, singing and salsa dancing. Romina is very interested in art. Her individual study project is wood craft. I was touched, Romina made a carving of me carrying my son nicho. Romina is very friendly, when met with our neighbor she will say “halo”. 3 weeks passed full of fun with Romina. see you again Romina.

Ibu Wuri, Nina’s host mom:
Nina, she seems always happy, clever and she is easy to get a long with. She likes to share to us about the activities that she did with her friends, she tries to explain it in Indonesian. Even though it takes her sometime to find the words in Indonesian. Sometimes we liked to tease her by speaking to her in Javanese language, and teach her some javanese.

Pak Andi, Olivia’s host father:
Olivia is a friendly, funny and cheerful girl.
Her face shows her sincerity and her kindness. She is a kindhearted person, not only to her host family, but also to our neighbours.

Lia, Peter’s host sister:
I am very happy to get to know Peter. Even though we have many differences but we never make them as a problem. I have learned a lot from Peter. One of them is that I am able to improve my English, he taught me new english vocabulary each time. Peter stayed for 3 weeks with us but I thought the time was too short. The times that we had spent together have become good memories. Even though I have to say goodbye. I am sure in the future we will meet each other again. Peter will come back to Indonesia or me and my family will visit him in the States. I hope I still keep in contact with him. We love Peter aka DJ Peter. I promise to improve my English.

Jake’s host mom & father Arnik & Ipung said:
At home Jake is always helping us doing dishes. At home we make meat balls to sell, in the evening when he comes home early from Dragons, he helps us putting the meat balls on the skewers. He mentioned in New Mexico before he joined Dragons his priority was his friends, but after his time in jogja when he comes home he wants to prioritize his family more. He always tries to do what Indonesians do. He loves making jokes at home with the family even though we have limited language to communicate. We like him, he always shares food to us eventhough he has only a little.


Translated by instructor