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Hi All – I’m Chuck Neddermeyer and I’m looking forward to this experience! I’m an Global Studies teacher at The Buckley School in Los Angeles. A little suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan is where I was raised, and that charming state is where I completed most of my education. After teaching in social science departments for ten years in schools throughout southeast MI, I moved to sunny California where I have worked in administration and within the classroom ever since.

1) What led you to your vocation as an educator?

Coming from a family of educators, it was sort of in my blood. I’ve always enjoyed learning new things, and sharing it with the people around me. Teaching was simply the natural profession for me.

2) Why is this course important to you? To our society? To our students?

What stood out to me about the Jordan Educator experience was its curricular goals. Fostering discussions about peaceful solutions in the region, exploring the refugee perspective, developing interfaith content, analyzing environmental issues, and examining women’s rights were all core components of my own Global Studies course. Past and present Community Action Projects – a 1/2 semester long capstone feature of my class – have focused on many of these topics, and I hope that future ones will be enhanced through this experience. Every lesson within my Global Studies course seeks to highlight the dignity of indigenous peoples and broaden students’ (and my own) cultural awareness. The Jordan Educator experience can only help strengthen these goals.

3) What do you hope to get out of this experience?

I aim to step outside of my own comfort zone in order to learn more about the Middle East region. Because of a polarized climate within the United States, learning the nuances of social, political, and religious differences of another culture is important to me.