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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Group arrived safely at their trekking starting point!

Dear family and friends of Himalaya B Dragons,

The instructors confirmed that they have safely arrived at the starting point for their trek, after a long 9 hour drive out of Kathmandu starting early this morning. The group will be out on the trekking trail for 17 days, passing through the Rolwaling Valley and ultimately arriving at their rural homestay by foot. While you can expect that the students will be out of touch during this period, the instructors will have cell phone access most of the time and will be checking in with the office frequently to update their progress. We’ll be posting frequent updates here on their behalf in the meantime. The students and instructors have already remarked on how wonderful it is to be breathing in the fresh air, and they are all excited for their time in the mountains.

–Dragons Admin