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My name is Grace Tesfae and I teach in Detroit, Michigan. I am one of those odd ducks who knew what they wanted to do for a career at a young age and never changed their mind. This certainty came from experiences with my parents who both value education and instilled that value in their kids. I also knew I wanted to be a teacher because of great teachers I had throughout school and from my awareness education was a privilege, a knowledge I learned at a young age from my dad’s stories about growing up in Ethiopia and my own trip there at a young age.

On a basic level, this course is important to me because I believe in the topics it teaches, have interest in them personally, and they align with my A.P. Human Geography class. Beyond this, I believe that it is important for us, our students, and our society to take a truthful look at those who are portrayed as the “other” so that we see them as fellow human beings and truly deal with the problems that face our society on an equitable level.

From this experience I hope to gain knowledge, experience, perspectives, and whatever else the program has in store for me! Can’t wait to meet everyone and get started!