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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


We all went off to our homestays a day after the mini-trek. I was put with Karma in the Kapan area. Karma is a famous painter who is also my ISP Mentor in Thangka paintings. We’ve been working a lot from canvas making with buffalo skin to drawing the Buddhas eyes. I got a great room on the roof with a view of the city. I felt great about the house and the only downside was the lack of hot water and western toilets. The food was great and they would give me as much as I could handle giving me 2-3 plates sometimes, I also tried a lot of new food like Goat head and honey fries. Exploring the city was also a lot of fun, I got to go to a lot of cool cafes and shops. It was really cool to see the city. Some of the highlights were seeing monkeys all over the Swayambhunath temple, going to the Boudha stupa and looking through Patan Durbar Square. Holi was loads of fun, my face was covered in paint, the people putting it on don’t take no for an answer, walking around the streets was somewhat hard as I constantly got hit by water balloons and ended up being drenched and soaked. The time has been flying in the city as the homestays are already nearing the end.