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How have we helped the community so far?

Today we started the morning nice and early to the sound of animals. Afterwards, we biked from our homestay to the community centre, where we ate a delicious breakfast comprised of noodles, as well as some assorted fruits. After eating, my group of 7 students and 2 teachers biked to a very dry garden. The owner of the garden taught us how to use hoes to till the ground, and how to use a very small shovel to make small but deep holes around the garden which will eventually be used as a fence. After working for 3 hours, we had a break, and ate green mangoes that we took directly from the mango tree nearby. We biked to the community centre, where we ate a lunch of chicken, rice and beef stew, with dessert being lychee fruits. We then had two hours of free time, most of which the group spent lying around in their homestays. After our break we interviewed an old man who has been on the island for over 50 years. We asked him many questions about the history and culture of the island. By then it was dark so we had a delicious meal comprised of pineapple and chicken, and a beef stew. For the vegetarians they had made a delicious mixture of vegetables. After eating we were very tired, so we biked back in the dark. I quickly showered up, said goodbye to my homestay family, and went to bed.