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Rice paddy terraces

Itinerary Going Forward

Hello Families & Friends – The group has been thriving in Kunming…but very busy! They haven’t had as much time to post notes or photos as they like, but hope to do more during their upcoming travels north. Following is the tentative itinerary for the remainder of their time in China. More updates to follow from instructors and students.

4/1 – 4/4: Xishuangbanna, Yunnan: The group will depart Kunming this weekend for Xishuangbanna, a multi-ethnic area in the far south of Yunnan, bordering Laos and Myanmar. In Xishuangbanna they’ll be learning about local ceramics production in Jinghong and visiting an ethnically Aini village during tea picking season.

4/4: Travel by air from Jinghong, Yunnan to Chengdu, Sichuan.

4/4 – 4/8: Chengdu, Sichuan. Exploring Chengdu and the surrounding area through student-led activities.

4/8: Travel by bus from Chengdu to Songpan, Sichuan

4/8 – 4/12: Lamusi, Gansu. Homestay with Tibetan families in Lamusi, Gansu

4/13 – 4/17: Travel in Gansu (Hezuo, Langmusi Monastery, Gannan Hui Muslim region).

4/17: Travel by bus to Lanzhou, Gansu.

4/18 – 4/21: Student-led Expedition Phase in Xi’an, Shaanxi.

4/21 – 4/22: Zhongnan Mountains, Shaanxi (outside of Xi’an).

4/23: Travel by train from Xi’an, Shaanxi to Beijing.

4/23 – 4/24: Student-led Expedition Phase in Beijing.

4/25 – 4/26: Group exploration of Beijing

4/27 – 4/30: Xiangshuihu, Beijing. Transference at The Great Wall

5/1: Beijing: Departure for home!