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Kul Tolaab fi al-Jordan! (All the students are in Jordan!)

Marhaba Everyone!

Elley and I are happy to report that the Milton group has arrived safely in Jordan. Lucheyla assured us that the meal experience on Emirates was unmatched, and spirits are high, despite the delays.

After checking in at Zaman y Zaman, we walked through the Balad (the old downtown) and wound our way up the hill to Shams Community, a local organization that uses dialogue and shared meals to tackle social issues in Jordan. Shams generously donated their space for our orientation, and so spent our first afternoon sitting on traditional Bedouin mats, sipping black tea and sharing our goals and expectations for the course. From the sounds of it, everyone is up for an adventure — or in Jake’s words, ‘they’re ready to stumble through… to not get through the trip in one clean shot…’ and I love that — leaving space for the unexpected and the uncomfortable is what a Dragons course is all about.

This evening, we’ll close our first day with a feast — prepared by two Syrian women who run a catering company out of their family home — and a  ‘Human Library’ activity, where we’ll have the chance to ‘read a few books’ that highlight Palestinian stories in Jordan. Inshallah, a few Milton students will return the favor, and allow their stories to be ‘read’ in front of the room as well.

Thank you again for following along and enabling this adventure. We know that this trip would not be possible without a lot of support back home.

Lucheyla is in charge of the Yak board tomorrow, and I’m sure she’ll send another update soon.

Ma salaama,

Cate & Elley