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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.


As we arrive to Langa the anxiety and excitement greeted us as we waited to meet our new homestay families. We were greeted by this friendly man who’s name is Egan. We entered Egan’s beautiful home and sat down, drank the delicious hyped-up Langa coffee we were told so much about, and munched on some sangat enac (very delicious) corn on the cob. It was finally time to meet our homestay families and we did so by each of us one by one arising to our feet and standing in front of them and saying our names, where we come from, and our hobbies. After Egan read off the list of who our homestay families were, we gave them a friendly and shy hello! After, we got our bags and headed to the house to meet the rest of the fam.

We had our usual morning meetings and saw the smiles of each dragon student as they walked in and were eager to tell one another the stories they had from their first night at their new homestay. Izzy unfortunately drew the unlucky straw and had an encounter with a spider the size of her fist, as she spotted the lovely critter by her shower head. I gotta hand it to her, she took the encounter like a champ, as I would have said my classic line “OH WOW!” And screamed like a girl (similar to Matt and Jake’s scream) and have the whole neighborhood concerned. So Props to you Bell (Izzy).

After hearing the exciting stories of everyone’s first experience we planned our schedule for our time here in Langa. The schedule entails a beautiful sunset hike, delicious coffee tasting, a friendly yet competitive game of soccer, some information filling panels, and yet another relaxing time at the hot springs. So the least to say, yeah our time here will be lit. After the schedule planning we played an interesting game of prydactyl, where you say the word “prydactyl” with your lips covering your teeth and if you show your teeth (smiling or laughing) you’re out. So as most of you could guess it the pronunciation of the word sounded pretty obnoxious but funny. For me, I find humor in most things, and with Rita playing the game like a boss, I was out within a matter of seconds. It came down to Matt and Rita, Mono y Mono. Like I said before Rita is a boss and she came out victorious after making Matt crack up.

After playing the laughter filled game it was time to get serious and plan for our X phase. For those of you who don’t know our 7 day trip will be spent on a gorgeous beach called “Pinta Bira Beach.” Sound pretty relaxing right? After we planned we went home to eat lunch and let me tell ya they give us mountains of food to eat. Mountains. No exaggeration. For those parents who are worried their kids are not getting fed enough food, no worries. Parents your child is being fed probably the most they have ever been fed. After eating lunch with the fam, I of course took a nap after tackling the mountain of food that was placed in front of me while others went to the food market.

As the days go by our hearts grows closer to this small loving village. So far we’ve gotten to taste and make coffee which was delicious and a cool process to learn. Probably one of the most memorable moments here for me at least was being able to witness a pig sacrifice. Now back in the states that may seem taboo but here in Langa it’s a ritual that casts a wish for good fortune. The past few days have been filled with a friendly but very competitive soccer game, an incredible sunset hike with a beautiful view, and an amazing coastal hike where we got up at 5am and hiked through mountains and jungles to arrive at a black sand beach where we got to swim in the ocean, play soccer with our guides and witness locals fishing where they caught a shark.

Our time here in Langa has been amazing and students have formed memories that will last a lifetime. My time here being journalist is now up and it’s now time to hand the iPad to my lovely friend Matt aka Simba. Sumpai jumpa (see you soon) dragon parents and relatives. It’s been lovely yaking to y’all. This is Peter Jegen signing off and we’ll see you soon.

Ps- name a more iconic trio than Matt, Jake, and I. If you can’t come up with one, think of us as Simba (Matt), Pumba (me), and Timone (Jake). You know the three characters from the Lion King. Better than Steph, Klay and KD. Better than the Three Musketeers. Better than… you get the idea. Just a little inside joke the group has come up with. Thought I’d inform you all. Hope you all get the idea.