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Photo by Parker Pflaum, Summer 2014


Today was our last day in Kunming and although we are sad to leave we are excited for what is in store! We woke up to another great breakfast at the hotel, prepping for a big day of tea, pottery, and Chinese medicine. After breakfast we took off to one of China’s most famous tea market. We met with the Vice President who showed us the ways of Pu’er tea, trying many different kinds of teas and explaining how to brew it. The tea was delicious and it was very interesting to learn about what goes into the making of this special drink. We then took to the pottery stores, viewing everything from porcelain to clay. With out stomachs filled with tea and our bags filled with pottery, we went to a Cantonese restaurant, experiencing this new but good cuisine. From chicken heads to duck, we licked out plates clean. I still don’t know what it was but something had upset my stomach and after a “few” minutes in the squat toilet we quickly went back to the hotel. After a quick rest and some mouthwash we went to our Chinese medicine lesson. We learned about herbal remedies, yin and yang, acupuncture, cupping, and the history of traditional Chinese medicine. We then walked back to Green Lake Park and danced with the lovely Damas (elderly Chinese ladies) who insisted we memorize the routine. After being out of breath and definitely out danced, we headed to our last dinner at a restaurant built in the Qing dynasty. We later hoped on the bus and went to the train station where I am currently writing this. We will update you tomorrow on our experience with the overnight train ride and our first day in Lijiang!