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Trek View on Nepal: Himalayan Studies Gap Year Semester with Where There Be Dragons


Here is a song I wrote one night when my host family had gone off to a wedding on their motorcycles and I had some alone time:

There’s a soft sun setting on Kathmandu

Sittin on the roof top thinking bout you

Smog is clearing but it’s not through

It’s just me I’m singing to

Evening walkin on empty streets

Livin and breathin on tired feet


Not too long ago

I had a friend to show

And Share the way,

But today, I play alone.


Distant lighting in Kathmandu

On hazy hills of grayish hue

Dusk has turned to noisy night

Eyes grow damp from sad insight


I sing both the parts

No harmony

Just me



That song seems a little sad, but things have been going great here! After dinner each night I sit and talk in Nepali with my host family, often while watching the news in Nepali, which often gets my family asking questions about American involvement in world politics. I have learned to count to five in the Newari language, and made Yomaris with my family. I have also started learning to play the Tabla for my ISP, which is a lot of mental exercise. With my brain tired out from all the Nepali, Tabla, and the busy city, I tend to go to bed with my family at 9:30 or so, but I don’t wake up with them at 4:30. Also, Mom, my new Nepali teacher is Prava Khadka!