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The rollercoaster of Phnom Penh

Our time in Phnom Penh was an exhilarating rollercoaster. The three days were filled with great historical knowledge, fun tuktuk rides, bai (rice), and unfortunately, some of us feeling sick. Although I expected the large masses of rice, everything else was a lot different than I had previously imagined. I was surprised by how much visiting the S-21 prison and Killing Fields had a toll on our group as a whole. Seeing two out of the total of twelve that survived made it so much more humanizing for me.


On the last day we visited a local market, although some of the fumes were a little hard to stomach, I really enjoyed the sense of community that existed within the big city. Even though the sickness got the best of me and I missed out on a few activities, I really enjoyed Phnom Penh, and I can’t wait for the homestay island.