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Theme 4: Comparative Religions

Hi everyone,

For our fourth week, we are sharing resources on different religions. Because this is such a deeply personal issue, we are not asking you to share your reflections publicly on the yak board. Instead, we ask that you reflect on your own about your spiritual upbringing, be it religious, atheist, agnostic, or somewhere in between. How has that background shaped your values and who you are today?

Religion will feature prominently on our course, both explicitly and implicitly. It is a part of deep culture* and so it shapes social norms and personal values. Along with perusing the resources below, please take the time this week to read back through Themes 1-3 and post your reflections on the yak board. This is a great way to get thinking and sharing before we all meet up in Jordan.

*A reading on different layers of culture and how it shapes our values.

Islam Overview

Christianity Overview

Christians in the Middle East : BBC

What is Progressive Islam? : Omid Safi

Linked with last week’s prompt on gender, a reflective piece on an individual’s personal experience of practicing Islam.

Elley & Paul