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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Update Day 1

Today was our first official day in beautiful Guatemala! The group woke up in Antigua to birds chirping and the sun shining. We ae a breakfast of eggs, tortillas, and other delicious delights as well as fresh Guatemalan coffee. After a quick debrief, we spent the day traveling to the hotel Los Volcanes. The weather was sunny, warm, and dry, and we saw the countryside through our travels. Our lunch stop was a restaurant off the main highway which included rice, corn, tortillas, and chicken. After traveling for two days, arriving at the hotel was refreshing. Being able to walk around the city, go to the water, and try local food. As our orientation day came to an end the group looked forward to the service learning. -Sarah

Day 1

Today we traveled to our hotel which we will be staying at for four days, it’s called Hotel Los Volcanes. While traveling and eating I noticed many differences between the culture back home and here in Guatemala. Today on the way to our diner I saw a school girl walking home and an older man approached her and tried hitting on her and she kept walking like it was normal for some random man to approach her in that way. Also, Lisa our guide mentioned that many men have hollered, whistled, and yelled at her trying to talk to her. Also, I noticed many kids on motorcycles on the way to and from school! There seem to be fewer road rules being followed. If anyone thought of that back in Canada they would think it’s inhumane for a child at the age of 5 to be on a motorcycle. Here it is completely normal. There are many cultural differences here in Guatemala and I can’t wait to learn about more! -Terrance