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Photo by Tom Pablo, South America Semester.

Update from Nación Q’eros!

Dear Dragons families and friends,

We have been in regular contact with the instructors, and they report that the group is having a powerful journey through the Q’eros territory in Peru.  Yesterday the students shared a Pachamanka ceremony with community members in the village of Japu, in which sheep are ritually sacrificed and then prepared in an underground oven made from hot stones.  The feast was followed by a lively soccer game between students and homestay families.

Today the group hiked to Cochamarka, a more remote village set in a lush, green valley (pictured).  From Cochamarka they will continue on to two more communities, before returning to Ocongate on Sunday afternoon.  The students are enjoying learning about the ancient traditions of the Q’eros people, and will have stories to share upon their return on Sunday or Monday!