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What a day!

We’ve had an incredible day – there was so much to take in and process that I feel it is only in our reflections and discussions that are we even able to comprehend  the enormity of what we have seen, heard and encountered in today’s travels.  Humankind can be so dark and yet, out of darkness shines light.  The day was filled more than just heavy discussion, powerful images and moving messages.  We shared more traditional Cambodian food, stories whiles riding in Tuk Tuk’s throughout the city, watched the sunset while floating down the river  and even managed to squeeze in a little purchase from Friends ‘N’ Stuff.  A little company that helps raise funds to provided skills training for street kids.  Their call to action for us is one question “What is your message for future generations?”  The restaurants we’ve eaten at today are taking a stand and helping the environment and its citizens to be more responsible about where and how they spend their money. Thanks to young minds like those entrepreneurial types here in Cambodia and our kids the future looks brighter than our past.


Each day the students step into various leadership roles and help to facilitate the day unfolding and the processing of the day.   It was an outstanding first day as all of them really stepped up and into their roles with ease.  From our morning meditation and health check in that began at 7:30am on the roof top to the final thought of the day as we reflect on what it means to be tourist in this environment.   I know you want to know more so, keep checking out the yak board – you won’t be disappointed.

(Pic is some of the students posing on a tuktuk!)