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Students in a long tail boat in Indonesia. Photo by Aaron Slosberg, Indonesia Semester.

Cassava Moments

Two days ago I saw these white chunks of what I thought was fish, hanging from lines outside my home. I learned it was Cassava. There were probably 60 pieces all hanging to dry.

Yesterday I saw the cassava was off the lines. In the afternoon I sat with my Ibu under our house on bamboo slabs. As I shredded off the top dried layer of the cassava, I placed them in a basket. My Ibu then would take the pieces and thinly slice each one.

This morning my nenek was under the house at the stove. The cassava was no longer sliced, but shredded, and she was massaging it with her hands. She then would take a cup full of the cassava and place it in a wooden weaved cone. Next, she placed the cassava filled cone on top of boiling water to cook. When it was done, she tapped it out of the cone onto a plate. The cassava was no longer a pure white but a mild yellow. She did this for most of the morning. I watched as neighbors came to say hello and purchase some delicious, fresh, warm cassava from my hard working nenek.


– Kate