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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.

Chokati Yak

Going into Chokati I had no expectations, after going on an 18 day trek, I was just excited to not have to pitch a tent every day. Even the rock-hard bed I had to sleep in was bearable. My homestay sister brought me up the hill to where we were staying, I had morning dhal baat which was surprising spicy.  I played cards with my family, it was a nice thing to know Nepali card games because my language skills were lacking in a lot of ways. It was hard to communicate with them but telling them the food was good in nepali and smiling seemed to be sufficient most of the time. Going into my next couple of days I helped around the field and house as best I could, that entailed using a curved knife to cut cauliflower and vegetables or mashing seeds. It was a cool and unique feeling to eat food that I cut. As time went on I begun to understand the dynamic of the household better, I played kids with the kids and homestay sister learning English every night, I had fun with them and found my own way to express myself. I felt connected with my family, despite having to force them to make the food less spicy. The river was another great part of Chokati, being there and having nothing to do and being able to just relax and take in the moment was something I’ll miss back home. It wasn’t all fun and games at chokati though, getting sick to the point of throwing up put a damper on a few days, but all in all Chokati was an amazing experience and one I will take home with me.