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Educational Immersion at SECMOL School

This week our group left Leh and set up residence at SECMOL, The Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh, an alternative school for Ladakhi students. This ec0-friendly school is aimed to help Ladakhi students who previously may have failed their Grade Ten exams have the tools to study and take them again. It also helps students develop skills in self-sufficiency; each person on campus has responsibilities, from milking the cows to cleaning the bathrooms to cooking meals. This week our group will be fully immersed in the SECMOL routine; we too have responsibilities to help on campus, we participate in conversation classes so Ladakhi students can practice English and we can practice Ladakhi, and we have various other classes focused on culture and leadership. In free time we have had impromptu dance sessions, hikes up SECMOL mountain, and visits to the Indus River, above which SECMOL campus lies.

So far it has been a wonderful experience for our group to live and interact with other students of similar ages. We look forward to posting more photos!