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Hi from Rosalyn!

Hello from Beijing, where we also were recently surprised by an arrival of snow in April!

I’m Rosalyn Shih, and I’m really looking forward to being one of your instructors on your trip to China.

Just a bit about myself: I was born in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents from Hong Kong. I grew up speaking English and Cantonese, one of the more colorful Southern dialects from China.

Just before the Handover, my parents thought it was time to move back to Hong Kong, so I went to school there, until I moved to New York for college, where I went on to major in English Literature
and obtain a New York State Teaching Certificate in Adolescent Education (English Language Arts). During that time, I also studied abroad at Oxford University. After graduation, I became a Teaching Fellow at the Urban School of San Francisco.

Phew! Up until I moved to Beijing in 2012, I had spent 4 years living, studying and working in as many cities. Since then, Beijing has been my adopted home. I live in a hutong neighborhood in an old part of town, where the city planning dates to the Yuan Dynasty. In the mornings, you can hear the knife sharpener and tofu seller call to residents as they push their bikes through the alleyways. Clouds of trained pigeons might race above your head in the afternoon.

I love traveling throughout China, and I can’t wait to show you my home and beyond.