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Julley from Tar!

Nestled between large, earth-toned rocks, filled with trickling streams and smiling faces, is Tar village. Above the mountains, the sky is clear and bright, speckled with birds and void of the noises we have come accustomed to. After a morning of hiking, we arrived and were greeted with butter tea, plenty of momos and new Ladakhi names.

The first night of our (Jessie, Belle, Ruthie and my) home stay was a mix of laughter and excitement as the four of us huddled around the fire in the kitchen. We knelt on the rug, our faces growing red from the heat, and got to work preparing that nights meal. Kneading and pulling dough, we helped our homestay mom make Teemook, a traditional Ladakhi bun that is served with soup. After dinner had been served, we quickly slurped up our food and smiled as we headed upstairs, tired and ready for bed. That night, we lay beneath our thick blankets, full and excited for the next 4 days.