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Mom & Dad

Hey mom, hey dad, how is everything? It’s me, Belle, your daughter. I’ve been thinking a lot about you two recently. Well I always am, but just more lately. We’ve spent the past week in a place called Ladakh. Dad, I think you’d really enjoy exploring is area. It’s stunningly beautiful with a view of the Himalayan mountains, but very cold and dry because it’s a high terrain desert. Good for non-frizzy hair though.

I’ve had a really yummy noodle soup and a Ladakhi version of dumplings for lunch for the past two days, and it’s made me miss your cooking, mom. You’d like Ladakh a lot too, but probably when it’s warmer in the Summer and there are more people to meet and interact with. Either way, I have lots of pictures to show you both.

I hope work hasn’t been too stressful for either of you. I hope you guys have found a time to get away for the weekend. I know Tahoe and Yosemite are both beautiful this time of year, and it’s been a long time since either of your guys have taken a weekend off to relax. Maybe you guys can even take Nana! (Nana is our dog)

How has she been? Has she been taking care of you guys? She probably needs another grooming appointment soon. I imagine she’s a walking mop at this point. And I know that you are always concerned she’s cold, Mom. But I think she’s just fine in the Spring.

妈妈,爸爸,我想感谢你们的一切. 我知道很难让我走。我知道你们只是在乎我。感谢你对我有灵活性。我知道你们尊重我的独立本性,即使这不容易。我希望你知道我每天都在想你。我有世界上最好的父母。感谢您提供这个机会。我在这个美丽的国家度过了美好的时光。


赵甜甜 (Belle)