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Photo by Kendall Marianacci, Nepal Semester.


When I see red, maybe you see blue.
If I feel happy, maybe you do too.
But how can we know?
How can we tell?
Am I me?
And are you, you?
My reality is my own,
But is it real?
Who can tell me what is right?
Who can tell me how to feel?
Good and bad and so much more,
Answers arise while questions remain.
My eyes play tricks my brain believes,
Power of words, power of mind,
I convince myself how to define,
Define what I want,
Define what I need,
But why do we define what things ought to be?
I am me, and you are you,
Say what you think, and believe what you may,
Our views of things can have different displays,
We don’t have to agree as long as we see,
See that people are unique and accept them that way.
My perception is who I am.