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Photo by Celia Mitchell (2015/16 Semester Photo Contest Entry), Indonesia Semester.

Spring Excursion Itinerary 5/9 – 5/26

Bridge Year is almost over and for the last month, we (the students) have planned a trip as our final excursion. We will be going north from North Sumatra province all the way to Weh Island, the most northern point of Indonesia.

5/09 – 5/12 MEDAN

Flight from Surabaya to Medan gets in at 9:00 AM. Then we will check in at the Residence Hotel. While we are in Medan we will be checking out the different temples and palaces of the area as well as getting to know the island of Sumatra! On the 12th we will take a bus from Medan to Parapat, where we will take a ferry to Samosir!


5/12 – 5/15 SAMOSIR

Samosir is an island in Lake Toba where we will be staying in a hotel for a couple of days. We are going to be learning about the Batak people who inhabit the local area as well as the environment of the lake.



We will be taking the ferry back to Parapat, then charter two cars to take us from Parapat to Bukit Lawang, the entry point to Gunung Lesur National Park. On the 16th we will do a trek through the jungle to see the beautiful park and wildlife. On the 17th we will take a bus back to Medan and start our longest travel day!


5/17 – 5/21 BANDA ACEH

From Medan, we will take a 13-hour bus ride up the east coast of the island to Banda Aceh, one of the biggest cities in Aceh province. We will learn all about the 2004 Tsunami, how the province was affected, and how they have recovered. Possibly we will visit WALHI Aceh, an NGO focused on environmental protection and advocacy.


5/21 – 5/26 Weh Island

On the morning of the 21st, we will take a ferry from Banda Aceh to Weh island. This final leg of the trip will be focused on relaxing and reflecting on the trip and the year as a whole. We will be visiting famous Japanese fortresses from the occupation during World War II, as well as the farthest point of Indonesia. By our hotel, we will be snorkeling and enjoying the beautiful beach! On the 25th we will be taking the ferry back to Banda Aceh and spending the night in our hotel before flying back to Jogja on the 26th.