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Photo by Elke Schmidt, Senegal Bridge Year Program.

Spring Excursion Itinerary

This is the itinerary for our spring excursion, defined by the role it plays in the x-phase, the time of year when the students take charge. As such, this excursion is entirely student planned. Our destination is the Sine-Saloum region, an area with rich Mangrove Forests, an entangled river delta and a unique culture shared by its predominantly Serer community, very different to the Wolof-dominant Dakar. We will be leaving on the morning of March 28th and returning the evening of 6th April.

  • March 28 – We will be leaving Dakar about 7am, and travelling by bus to Toubakouta, which should take around 5 hours. We will stop during the journey for breakfast where convenient and later for lunch at Sokone. From Toubakouta, we will take a short pirogue ride to Keur Bamboung. This is the eco-lodge at which we shall commence our excursion. After some time for rest and/or exploration, we will hold a session to introduce us to the Sine Saloum, to reflect briefly on our time in Senegal, and think about what we want to focus on during excursion. We expect to have Wi-Fi and possibly phone signal here.
  • March 29 – We will be able to engage with nature and enjoy the beauty of the region through activities such as kayaking and hiking.
  • March 30 – We will leave Keur Bamboung and travel to Missirah. If we have been out of phone signal and Wi-Fi, we will be able to access it at Missirah. Furthermore, it’s Missirah where we will be stocking up on food for the next two nights, and travelling to the island of Oudierin. This is a remote island in the Sine-Saloum Delta which is inhabited by only one family. This will be an opportunity for some more reflection, learning experiences and wilderness exploration.
  • March 31 – Stay in Oudierin Possible activities include camping, fishing, island tour and swimming.
  • April 1- Travel from Oudierin to the island of Niodior. This is a coastal village with a predominantly Serer community. Here we will stay with homestays and settling into the community. Our first day is dedicated to settling in to our homestays and the community at large.
  • April 2-4 – The schedule is fairly flexible for our time in Niodior, and will allow for time spent building relationships in homestays. Potential activities include touring the island, sessions with guest speakers, visit to the National Park of the Sine Saloum Delta, session on environment preservation and mangrove planting. Our time in Niodior is the core of our excursion and provides diverse options for us to continue in our engagement with nature and environmental issues, as well as experiencing cultural immersion in a new culture and learning from guest speakers in the village.
  • April 5 – Leave Niodior for Djiffer, where we will stay at a campement for the night. Djiffer is a beautiful village where we will focus on reflection and contemplate the dwindling remainder of our time in Senegal.
  • April 6 – After lunch at Djiffer, we will return to Dakar.