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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

A note about technology on course

Assalamu Alaikum Dragons students,

Labas? We hope kulši bixir (everything is fine). This Yak is meant to explain Dragons’ policy toward electronics on course and hopefully have you feeling comfortable following it on our epic adventure in Morocco. While we’re speaking of items involving electricity, did you know that Morocco is currently completing one of the world’s largest solar farms called the Noor Complex in a region we intend to visit? Curious to know more? Do a shwiya (little) bit of research, and you’ll discover an area we intend to visit before the narrative itinerary is released!

Okay, now to talk about the elephant in the room – technology. It’s not inherently bad on this course. It will connect us across borders, provide a wealth of knowledge, and give a voice to our adventures (i.e. budget reports, photography projects, and posting Yaks of course). We will even have a group iPad to help facilitate doing the above. However, we do ask that we all unplug otherwise in order to be fully present during our time in Morocco.

Bringing awareness to oneself and our immediate environment can be hard sometimes, and technology like smartphones and social media tend to be big culprits in distracting us. In Morocco, if we’re distracted by our devices, we will miss the beautiful experiences happening right in front of our faces, and there will definitely be enough to excite the senses and engage with in al-Maghrib!

What is not permitted? Cell phones, computers, iPads, other tablets, and iPod Touches are not permitted.

What is permitted? Cameras and music players with no WiFi or data capabilities are permitted. We do suggest downloading some popular Moroccan music like Gnawa, Rai, or Chaabi to start engaging with the diverse sounds available throughout Morocco.

Sadly for you and our bag weight, if you arrive on course with any of the non-permitted items, they will be held for the remainder of the course, and we are not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged. We prefer not having to lug your stuff around, and you won’t be able to use those items at any point. Please do not bring non-permitted items. For permitted items, moderation is key. If you are using permitted items to distance yourself from the experience, we will talk, and if the action continues, the items will be held until the end of the course.

Do not fret. All hope is not lost! You’ll have sufficient opportunities to connect with friends and family via internet cafes and pay phones. On average you’ll be able to connect to the internet about once or twice a week. For folks back home, know that the I-Team (instructor team) will be in regular communication with the Dragons office even while on treks and in remote communities, and the Yak Board is always available.

Well, we hope this Yak was useful in understanding Dragons’ technology policy while on course. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ma’a salama (with peace),

The Morocco I-Team