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An Update to the Packing List

Dearest students,

We hope that you are getting as excited as we are about our 4-week adventure in the Himalayas. As this time approaches, we are sure you might have some questions about what to pack and what not to! Please write to us with any and all questions you might have and as we’ve said before, the Yak board is the perfect place to do that because nine times out of ten, another person probably has the same question.

Below are a few updates to the packing list that you received earlier.

Sleeping Pads: Unless you already have a sleeping pad that you absolutely cannot do without, you can definitely leave it at home. Please don’t go out and buy a new one. We can borrow sleeping pads from the trekking company we work with in Ladakh.

Sleeping Bags: The packing list suggests a 10-20 degree Fahrenheit sleeping bag. You should absolutely bring one of these. Although it will technically be summer in Ladakh and most of our days will be filled with the warmth of high altitude sun, the nights run cold and you will want to snuggle up and be warm under the Milky Way.

Backpacks: The packing list provides a great description of the kind of backpack that we recommend (a 65-80 litre bag). It’s a great travelling practice to be able to fit everything into your backpack, but also to be able to carry said backpack on your own. Leave anything unnecessary at home. For example, as comforting as your favourite snack food is, we guarantee that you will be more than well fed on this trip and your back will thank you for the lighter weight. Promise.

ProTip from past students and instructors: Bring a pair of earplugs. Ladakh is so incredibly quiet and most days you won’t have any trouble at all falling asleep in the silence. But just like your back will thank you for leaving the unessential at home, your ears will thank you when a protective dogs bark cuts through the tranquility.

What we want to stress most, however, is that you don’t feel the need to buy anything special. Please borrow gear from your friends and family. One of the most amazing things that you will witness this summer is the resourcefulness of Ladakhis- their ability to live abundant lives in relative scarcity. We want you to be warm and comfortable, but we also want to emphasise that you don’t need shiny new stuff to achieve this!

Again, please let us know if you have any questions at all!

Your instructors,

Aditya, Christy and Uttara