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Hey All,

With only six weeks or so before we meet up, I have a few boxes to check off the Bolivia preparation to do list. Has anyone completed the visa process? Any advice? I haven’t had the best of luck with bureaucracy recently.

Anyway, my name is Will and I work at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg, VA, with my wife, who is also an educator at VES. We live in the 9th grade girls dorm with our two young daughters and our two dogs. I teach English and Spanish and wear a few different hats throughout the year. My interest in Latin America dates back to a gap year I took between high school and college when I lived with a host family in Ecuador and to my two year Peace Corps experience in El Salvador.

Last year at this time, my family and I participated in the D.C. climate march with many other passionate advocates for protecting our planet – this protest march was a first for the four of us! Among the number of things I am excited to learn and experience in Bolivia with all of you, I’m really interested in learning how to bring global issues to a school community in authentic ways, so that students are better prepared to be leaders for positive change. I’m also interested to learn about the complex issues surrounding international development and how one might support initiatives responsibly.

Take care,