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Hello from Budapest, Hungary!

Dear Dragons, I would want to extend mu warm greetings from Budapest where I temporarily live. I am doing my graduate studies at Central European University (CEU), majoring in Public Administration. It is generally studying about policy making, implementation, and public management within the given political context, and I am specializing in higher education policy and development management. I enjoy the diversity in CEU community, and of course I cannot survive without the beauty of Budapest in this intense academic program. Budapest is a beautiful city and each day fall I am thrilled by the city’s neoclassical ancient buildings.

My love for ancient architecture have its roots in Mandalay, Myanmar where I grew up. It is an ancient city with an old palace wall in the center and few hours away from Bagan by bus. The ancient temples, pagodas and monasteries compounds are the place that I enjoyed playing when I was young. Mandalay is also a local trading city as it is located at the heart of the country. This geographical advantage encouraged my family to travel more than average. They seeded my love for adventure travelling both inside and out of the country. I have been to several towns and villages in Myanmar. If I have not lost count, the last time I checked, I have been to 12 regions out of the 14 regions in Myanmar. Those journeys made me to appreciate the existence of not only the beauty of the place but also the beauty of the people, culture and all other aspects of their lives. As an educator, it is always a pleasure to share those beauties with young people and encourage them to think beyond what has seen. I enjoy working with the youth because I believe in their sensitivity in social justice and their curiosity to the world.

I led the first Myanmar fall semester program in 2014 and continued with a summer and semester programs the following years. I took a break last year for my graduate studies. This summer break offers an opportunity to reconnect with the Dragons community. I am excited about our journey in the near future. I look forward to experience with you all   a thorough journey of self-discovery and awareness which would help unpuzzle ourselves and Myanmar to bring better understanding to this world.

See you all soon.

Ei Shwe Sin