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Instructor Pre-Introduction!

Hello students and families!
Welcome to our Yak board. It’s a pleasure to be writing to you all. I’m actually currently in the Valle Sagrado of Cusco, where we will spend much of our summer. Each day I feel the season changing from rainy and warm(er) to dry and cold(er), so with this transition I naturally find myself slipping into course mode.
Over the past few days and weeks the instructor team has been enjoying getting to know one another and combining our passions to shape our course vision. Over the next month, we’ll be introducing ourselves to you all on the Yak board and introducing you to our ideas for the course. By June, we’ll start reaching out to each of you individually for one on one conversations. We are very excited for all of this communication!
One thing we use the Yak board for is to notify families when we will be out of touch for a while, perhaps on a trek or in a rural community without internet. It just so happens that our Yak board’s birthday coincides with my departure for a journey without communication for the next week and half, so you can expect a full introduction from me after I get back.
In the meantime, be checking this Yak board for information from the administration and introductions from your star co-instructoras.
Ok, I’m off. Welcome to the course, from the bottom of my heart 🙂 I greatly look forward to connecting soon!
p.s. this photo is of me in Urubamba. I love this spot! Maybe we will visit this exact place together soon