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Let’s get the real taste of the land of smile!

Sawaddee Krub, Nueva parents and students!

My name is Chatchai Krongyut, but you can just call me by my nickname “Guy” for short (it means “chicken” in Thai). I was born and raised in Ubon Rathchathani in northeast Thailand. I grew up on a small farm but I moved to the city when I started college. Now live in the town and work as a teacher. I’m more than happy to share my story and experiences with you, especially about growing up in a rural area of Thailand (honestly, you can ask me anything).

I started working with Dragons in 2016 and I have to say that I’m hooked. The students are always so kind and considerate and we get to go to some of the most magical places on the planet! On our journey together you will meet a lot of people and experience a lot of new things. You don’t need to worry about offending anyone or not knowing what to do. I’ll be there to act as a bridge of understanding for you while you’re on course. Eastern and Western cultures are quite different but both are awesome in my opinion.

I’m so delighted to be working alongside my co-instructor Jessica, and your two wonderful teachers, Carolyn and Katie. Together, we have been very busy planning this trip – booking hikes, guest speakers, accommodation, homestays and transport –  it’s all coming along very nicely. We really hope to show you a side of Thailand that most tourist don’t see. And even for myself, there will be places that I have never been, so we will learn together.

Before this course begins I just want to ask you to tie up all your loose ends at home. That way you can just be in the present moment when we are traveling. And now that you know how to find this Yak Board, please continue to check in regularly, we will be posting up different Yaks (updated itinerary, packing list, pre-course assignment etc.). You can even subscribe to receive notifications every time there’s a new post.

Ok, that’s enough from me. Start getting excited because this is going to be two weeks that bring out another awesome version of you. Let’s do it!

– Guy

PS: If anyone is interesting in learning some Thai words and phrases I can definitely teach you. I am fluent in Thai, Laos and English and right now I’m studying Japanese and Mandarin too. I use to run my own language school so I have a lot of simple games that we can play together. I’m sure that by the end you’ll be showing off your Thai language skills at home to your parents and friends 🙂